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Mastering the Art of Duplication!" will be published to offer you the insights and opportunities that helped develop, -, over 120,000 TEAM Downlines in a 24 month period!

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The course will be delivered via email from our MoneyLegs in-house email service.  Segments will be sent out Monday to Friday over a four week period.   This course is designed for 3STEP and MoneyLegs members and support programs, but experience has shown us this course will improve your responses and results for any legitimate online enterprise.

Although this course is designed for a full work week schedule, it can be easily adapted to part-timers willing to work 10 -15 hours per week.

NOTE: from the publisher of "Mastering the Art of Duplication!"

First I would like to make clear, we offer ' no ' guarantees to anyone's level of success or potential earnings.  What I can tell you, a great number of people have committed to follow our training, join most of our support program Teams, and build their online future.

I came online in April of 1997, I spent most of the first year finding very few people had a clue about marketing  on the 'Net, and far to many people were just trying to grab your money and run.  Having a 25 year marketing background, I decided to develop my own online marketing strategy.  There were difficulties, I came online because I was to ill to go out to work, but after a few months I had molded a plan that consistently produced results.

I introduced the course "Mastering the Art of Duplication!" in the fall of 1998 with 220 subscribers, and started very serious promotion for the course in January, 1999.   Since that January Course, we have published six complete courses, our seventh one starts Sept. 19th.

I am unaware of your personal needs, many of us are online to increase the quality of life extra income can deliver for ourselves and our families.  The extra income is there, and from the comfort of you own home, at the hours you wish to work.

Of course it occasionally happens, you make a lot of money for doing nothing.  As a rule, I don't believe in this approach, the best I ever pulled out of a lottery was $187.00, probably spent 10 x that to win it. 

This course requires you to WORK!

We will teach you key basics, like;
- 'Cyber Wheel' Marketing Techniques
- 'Viral' Networking Strategies
- Targeted Traffic Generation Methods
- Retention practices to retain Team Members
- Identify & Capitalize on your experience and efforts

Yes, your success can be real, you must be prepared to DO IT! Accept nothing LESS!   In July of this year my personal over-ride commissions came in at just under $6,000.00.  There are dozens of our Team Members making a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars every month.  With the marketing techniques and viral strategies we use, most of us can only expect our incomes to grow, month by month, year by year.

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